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The following is a list of Champions in the game Champions of Breakfast.

Each Champion has a unique model, hit-box, and abilities.

Super Foods react differently on each Champion.

Released Champions[edit | edit source]

Icon Model Name Attack Speed Damage Health Description
Teapot.png TeapotGame.png The Teapot 0.05 1 7 Utilizes close range abilities to cut down foes.
Basic attack damage decreases the further away it impacts.
BreadMaker.png BreadMakerGame.png The Bread Maker 0.25 1 8 Fires gigantic unstoppable cannonballs.
Basic attacks pierce through multiple normal enemies.
Basic attacks explode on bosses for additional damage.
Toaster.png ToasterGame.png The Toaster 0.15 1 10 The silver standard in champions.
Fires slices of glorious toast.
Whisk.png WhiskGame.png The Whisk 0.1 1.3 5 A high damage long range champion.
Small projectile size means this Champion requires masterful accuracy.
ToasterOven.png ToasterOvenGame.png The Toaster Oven 0.15 1 5 Fires explosive strudels that destroy many enemies at once.
Strudel bombs fire every 7th shot.
Strudel bombs change abilities based on current Super Food.
BlenderSelect.png BlenderGif.png The Blender  ?.?? 1 3 Eat bullets for breakfast